Pamela Townsend
Female Vocalist

Being raised in a Christian home as a child, I had many opportunities to learn about God and hear great teachings of the Word. I began singing at the age of three with a trio in my church called the “Sunbeams,” and we sang at churches, banquets, nursing homes, and just about any open door that came along. Although I sang for many years about our Savior, the depth of His love for me never became real until I was a teenager. Right after my 16th birthday, I was invited to sing with a youth group in Lancaster, PA. With hesitation, I went, not knowing that God had encompassed my life with His love and a plan for me. Never before had I met a group of young people who were genuinely in love with the Lord. The Holy Spirit worked in my life that summer and I gave my life and my voice to Him. God’s love and the reality of his sacrifice had touched my life and so began my commitment to ministry to share God’s wondrous grace.



Gerald Townsend
Sound Man/webmaster

Husband of Pamela Townsend.



Isaac Townsend
Suport Person

I am Daddy’s assistant. I help him set-up and run sound. I have started to sing with Mommy, so you just might be blessed if I decide to help Mom sing.
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